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Regenerative farming

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Having her roots in the early organic movement in Greece, with her father being a pioneer in the movement, she experienced what it means to support farmers in their transition and the chance this meant for integrating a yet greater transition to happen to farming in Greece.

Still leading the family business which was created to support the organic movement, through taking care of the all the steps of the chain the organic product makes, until the final consumer, she further has insight and influence in how the food is sold that is being produced, in organic or regenerative farming. Truth is for a transition to happen, we need to change more than just the way we grow things, but also how we offer them and how we demand them as a consumer.

A background in sociology in Germany equips her with precious insight into social processes, for sure helpful in initiating societal changes, of which farming is a major outcome. After reinventing her family business she inherited at a young age, she started The Southern Lights organization which works on many other levels on transforming our society.

The Regenerative Farming Support Program is one of those. Farming also her own land she sees the challenges young farmers are facing which gives her the ability to find solutions oriented on real needs.