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The Museum

The Museum of Traditional Instruments of Thyrathen is a space dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich heritage of traditional musical instruments. Our love for music and tradition led us to create this unique museum.  A museum highlighting musical instruments’ rich tradition and invites you to discover it together (with us).

Personal Bio:

With a multi-year course in the field of music and traditional music art, we have dedicated time in researching and collecting traditional instruments from various regions. Our passion for the diversity of sounds and our musical traditions led us to the creation of this museum, in order to share our rich heritage with the public.

Our Projects:

In our effort to keep tradition alive, we participate in various projects highlighting and educating about traditional music instruments. Through the educational programmes and collaborations with various cultural institutions, we try to create an active community that loves and respects tradition.

Participation in Eudaimonia for Tourism:

Our incorporation into the Eudaimonia Tourism constitutes our commitment to social responsibility. We work with local communities, promote culture and contribute to the preservation of local heritage.

Vision for the new generation:

Our vision is to inspire the new generation to discover and appreciate the diversity of traditional instruments. We want (aspire) to create an environment that encourages education, creativity and collaboration.


In our workshops, we offer unique opportunities to explore the art of making and playing traditional instruments. With specially trained staff and educational programmes, we invite you to live the experience of musical tradition with all your senses.